Staci holds sacred space better that anyone I have ever experienced.
— Greta V.

Ceremony catapults transformation


Earth-based ceremony is a sacred experience that facilitates awareness, healing and transformation.

Through combining conscious container with altered states practices like dance and breathwork, ceremony illuminates whatever is on the edge of your awareness, often bringing realizations front and center.

Ceremony is the cauldron that holds your healing. An alchemical process that reflects, heightens and initiates your next level of development.

Ceremony schools you in sacred relationship. With yourself. Others. The mystery. Your daily life.

  • Beauty comes alive by building non-denominational altars based on deep spiritual connections

  • Circles of protection form from candles lit in specific ways

  • Herbs keep the field of energy clear

  • Grounding and setting intentions focus healing

  • Agreements among facilitators and participants foster a sense of safety

Ceremony held with love, integrity and experience can birth a whole new way of being. It’s a way to practice working with your own subtle energy. It can show you how to move through life differently.

One ceremony held well can be worth months and even years of personal process work.

Ceremony calls upon the guardianship of the elemental directions and all the helping spirits to hold a basket of potential. So that only the energy for our highest good with the clearest vibration may enter.

From there, we become free to let go, express, follow, connect, receive and allow.


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