Your Own Ceremony

Intention guides you through the depths of yourself and daily life experience so you can embody your own soul’s wisdom.
— Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

Ceremony as sacred play to catapult your life


Sometimes there are moments in life where we need something else, something deeper.

Private individual, couples and group ceremonies can give you more.

More support. Focus. Insight. Depth. Healing. Wisdom.

Nourishment. Attention. Play. Connection. Forward movement.

At the close of a ceremony I’ve often heard, “Wow. That was worth months of therapy. Maybe even years.”

I can’t tell you why, it’s a mystery. But I’ve learned to trust that when we:

  • invoke sacred containers

  • combine intention with altered states

  • connect with unseen helping forces

  • feel safe and held

Somehow our psyches realize we can let go and allow new levels of self to emerge. Healing is at hand.

Ceremony isn’t about having a cool spiritual experience.

What happens in ceremony can shed light on unconscious personal material. What happens in ceremony reflects everyday living.

When we meet our scared, stuck or disconnected places inside with beauty and compassion, ceremony becomes a key for consciously navigating life.


Let me tend to you with all that I am


We can go on a journey together, whether you’re an individual or a couple.

It starts with a conversation about what you need to cultivate in your life. Strength? Courage? Release? Self-love? Trust?

We also discuss what floats your boat. Dance? Hands on energy work? Singing? Drumming?

We can invoke ceremonies that have been alive for years, like 7Directions or Maitri Breathwork. Or we can design something new.

For individuals and couples, I offer packages that include pre and post integration sessions so that you can receive the most from your ceremony.

Some individual focuses include:

  • surrendering a relationship

  • navigating health challenges like cancer

  • releasing childbirth trauma

  • grieving a loss of a loved one

  • cultivating and celebrating a new beginning

Potential group focuses include:

  • birthdays or special occasions

  • new house blessings

  • premarital support

  • women’s circles

  • preconception and blessingway circles

  • surrender process to let go and rebirth

I’m available for 4-5 hour ceremonies. I can also hold overnight and weekend retreats.

Our journey begins with a 20 minute free initial conversation.