About Ceremony with Staci

Staci’s guidance and 7Directions Dance have helped me navigate through almost every life challenge in the past few years with grace, thoughtfulness, confidence and growth.
— Ellen R.


How ceremony chose me


I never expected to become such a ceremony woman. Back in 1994, just after I left law school and moved to Half Moon Bay, I wandered into Oneisha Healing Tools and met my first spiritual teachers, Maggi Quinlan and Meenakshi Kramvik.

Because of trust, I began opening to the mystery in a new way. I started seeing and hearing spirit guides. My body became a tuning fork for shifting energy. Wild coincidences emerged as daily messages from the unknown, often as assignments.

It scared the shit out of me.

I was a type A personality and a practical woman. How the hell could I answer the call of my tingling hands in a safe way?

Fortunately, my teachers were container women. That meant before opening to the mystery, we grounded. We lit candles. We called in protection by growing a relationship with the directions and elements. We made agreements with each other about what safety meant.

These responses made sense to me. Growing up in the city, we locked our doors. People had to identify themselves before we let them in. Why would I be any less cautious in connecting with the wild unknown?

As I moved deeper into non-ordinary states through breathwork, guided imagery and birthing my children, invoking sacred containers became natural, like coming home. In 1999, I began studying ceremony in-depth with the Center for Sacred Studies. Soon after, my role evolved into assisting and facilitating across the SF Bay Area and beyond.

In 2002, I caught a vision of a dance ceremony and never looked back. Today, 7Directions continues to be my primary spiritual practice and greatest teacher. I’ve also maintained a 20 year relationship with Maitri Breathwork, a breathwork process developed by Jyoti and Russell Park of Center for Sacred Studies that’s held in a ceremonial way.


Teaching the teachers


It’s not that I wanted to lead ceremonies. My love for these ways propelled me to hold a point so they could happen.

Rather than carry indigenous lines out into the world, my call has been to be a bridge for Western people by creating and facilitating a different flavor of ceremony.

In 2005, I slowly began teaching and mentoring future facilitators individually which led to certification training programs.

In 2012, I co-facilitated the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training with lead teacher Jennifer Sugarwoman.

In 2016 I was blessed to design, produce and lead the 7Directions Facilitator Training Program with Ruby Monsen co-facilitating.

I deeply respect indigenous ways and my ceremonial teachers at the Center for Sacred Studies who have spent decades in direct relationship with Original peoples.

As a white woman who hasn’t studied extensively with original peoples, I would not call myself a shaman. Since we are all of this planet, I invoke elemental directions and forces as an earth-based ceremonialist. Spirit helpers from different traditions like Ganesh and Yemaya have claimed me in relationship. I build altars for them in gratitude for their continued support.

After 25 years, I’m still amazed at the beauty, power and potential healing that one ceremony can offer.

Ceremony can come alive as a sacred guide with a specific form like 7Directions. Designing a ceremony to attune to a particular intention, person, couple or group has become a joyful creative practice.

When I have down time, you’ll find me practicing self-care ceremony with friends.

For all the ways I’ve shown up to hold and carry ceremony with love, I continue to be in awe at how it holds me and propels me forward in life.

You’re welcome to schedule a 20 minute free call to learn more about how ceremony can change your life.