Dancing-Tree Roots

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— Jonathan L.

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Dancing-Tree offers services for individuals, couples and groups so you can discover healing in your own way. Dancing-Tree rests on Practical Spirituality®, an approach to life that connects earth-based, women’s spirituality and Western ways.

Practical Spirituality recognizes life as a relationship where healing can be a journey AND a destination. Some journeys lead to tangible results: a new job, relationship, baby or state of health. Other journeys grow essential gifts along the way: trust, strength, patience, or commitment.

Practical Spirituality starts with letting go of either/or dualistic reality in order to enter an And world by simultaneously practicing:

1. Living in the present moment and
2. Holding focus for an outcome and
3. Staying in the unknown regarding an outcome

Whether you wind up with a new job, increased inner strength, or both, consciously navigating through your life awakens you in surprising and beautiful ways. You become your most precious resource.