Whatever you do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.
— W. H. Murray


While each journey has its own pace, healing needs time to grow.

To begin, I recommend meeting 90 minutes at least twice a month in-person, via phone or on Skype/Zoom for at least three months. After a time, people shift to maintenance once a month.

My current rates and packages for individuals or couples:

  • $150 per 90-minute session

  • $110 per 60-minute session

  • Purchase a package of 4 or more sessions, and get a bonus session free*

I believe in making healing accessible

While I was raised in a middle class world, my roots are immigrant and working class. I’m aware of the Bay Area’s cost of living and that people pay out of pocket for my services.

With that, I have some lower-fee slots for non-profit workers, school teachers, artists, holistic practitioners and folks with chronic illness.

Regarding rescheduling or canceling, except for illness or sudden emergencies, I require 48 hour notice or a full session fee will be applied.

*All packages must be used within four months and are payable in advance.

Scope of practice

Years ago I chose not to become a psychotherapist for many reasons:

  • I believe hands-on energy healing is essential for core transformation

  • I hold ceremonies and groups

  • I facilitate community

  • I can see people individually and concurrently as a couple

  • I have even seen adult siblings or adult kids and their parents.

I maintain confidentiality within and across all of the healing containers I hold.

Multi-level relationships will include conversations about healthy boundaries.

I’m not a psychotherapist or a physical health provider. If you have been diagnosed with a serious condition, we can discuss complementary care.